Sylvania ICETRON Induction Lamps &  Ballasts

(5) year limited Sylvania Quick 60 warranty. (10) year limited warranty upon approval.

QL Induction Lamps and Ballasts

(5) year limited warranty through QL Company. 

T5 HO and T8 Ballasts

(5) year limited warranty through ballast manufacturer.

Housings and Craftsmanship

(5) year limited warranty on housings and all non-lamp/ballast components. (10) year limited warranty upon approval.


Warranty coverage begins 30 days from ship date. All Sylvania Icetron products must be registered with Sylvania Quick 60 program for full coverage. Please visit www.sylvania.com/warranty for full details. 

Product damaged due to installation error or power fluctuations beyond component rating are not covered under warranty. Product returned without approval will not be processed. Charges for labor reimbursement for defective lamp and/or ballast will not be accepted by 1st Source Lighting. (10) year limited warranty requests must be approved by 1st Source Lighting, please consult factory.


Vaportite T5-Pool High Bays or any other 1st Source Lighting fixture which is installed in a natatorium or pool environment is warrantied for (1) year. Warranty coverage includes housing, components, lamps and ballasts.