Induction FAQs

Induction lighting is fluorescent based technology that operates without the use of an electrode. Energy is transferred by an inductively coupled-high frequency magnetic field which react with lamp phosphors to create illumination. The absence of an electrode eliminates the common failure point...view all Induction FAQs

T5 HO & T8 FAQs

Numerous discussions surround the decision to use T8 or T5-HO lamps when replacing an HID fixture. As a manufacturer that utilizes both lamp types in our fixture designs, we would like to offer some important points you may want to consider. If you ask the right questions...view all T5 HO & T8 FAQs

Induction Conversion

Because induction provides scotopically higher quality light with an elevated CRI, visibility is typically higher or equal to to HPS or metal halide with less foot candles or measurable lumens required. For replacement guidelines, please review our Induction Converson Chart.

Lighting Blog

1st Source Lighting Blog covering a wide range of topics from high output T5 HO and T8 linear fluorescents, long rated life for induction, new technologies for LED platforms as well as recent insights on lighting for cold storage and other industrial applications...view Lighting Blog

Case Studies

In 2002  the Department of Energy's (DOE) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico replaced all the high-pressure sodium fixtures inside their water pump house with the latest technology induction lamps. Each fixture is equipped with Sylvania Icetron lamps and ballasts...view all Case Studies