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Induction Retrofit Kits

Model: #R-IT, R-IG / 40-200

Custom engineered induction retrofit kits for wide variety of indoor and outdoor luminaires. Shoeboxes, floods pole tops, wall packs, cobra heads, parking garage, high bays, recessed and more.

  • Designed for quick field installation
  • Sylvania ICETRON or QL Induction System
  • 100,000 hour rated life, 10 years of continuous operation
  • 80 CRI, CCT 3500, 4100, 5000K
  • Up to 67% energy savings over HPS and metal halide
  • Available with 10 year limited warranty

Questions? Call us at 530-887-1110 or email 
sales@1stsourcelight.com for more information.

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Induction Retrofit Kits

Custom designed for field installation using the Sylvania Icetron or QL induction system. A digital image, specification sheet or sample housing may be required for engineering. Contact us at 530-887-1110 or email sales@1stsourcelight.com for more information.

Sylvania ICETRON Induction System: 

100,000 hour rated life, 40, 70, 100, 150 or 200 watt, 3000 to 16,100 lumens, 80 CRI, CCT 3500, 4100 or 5000 Kelvin. 120-277v, 347/480v available with transformer.

QL Induction System: 

100,000 hour rated life, 55, 85 or 165 watt, 3500 to 12,000 lumens, 80 CRI, CCT 300, 400 or 5000 Kelvin. 100/120v or 200/277v, 347/480v available with transformer.

Sylvania Icetron Lamps & Ballasts

5 year limited warranty through Sylvania Quick 60 program. 10 year limited warranty upon approval.

QL Lamps & Ballasts

5 year limited warranty through QL company


Hardware and components are warrantied for 5 years by 1st Source Lighting. 10 year limited warranty upon approval.

Please visit our warranty page for more information.