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LED and Induction Retrofit Kits
Court & Gym Lighting Court & Gym Lighting
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Induction High Bays Induction High Bays
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Outdoor & Area Lighting Outdoor & Area Lighting
Ultra Induction Surface Flood

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Superior quality, energy efficient lighting technologies from 1st Source.

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Induction Lighting

100,000 hour system life. Complete indoor & outdoor product line.

Fluorescent High Bays

New Extended Life T5 HO & T8 high bays. 4' and 8' lengths, 60,000 + hours.
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Cold Storage Lighting

Sealed Vaportite T5 HO high bays for cold & freezer environments. 

Court & Gym Lighting

High color rendering for better visibility and enhanced play quality.
Recessed Lighting

Induction, T5 HO & T8. 1x4, 2x4 and 2x2 configurations.
Vaportite T5 HO High Bays for cold & freezer environments
Vaportite T5 HO High Bays for cold & freezer environments

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